Goals and Programs

AAPS Foundation Goals

The AAPS Foundation’s goals serve to advance and improve the quality of medical care by providing education and training to the medical profession and the public, through the provision and expansion of health and medical educational programs.


“A Short Guide to the Specialty Certification of Physicians,” by Todd Sagin, M.D., J.D.

In an effort to educate and clear up the confusion that exists among the public and the medical profession regarding board certification, the AAPS Foundation has underwritten the production and publication of a Monograph, regarding physician specialty certification, its importance and how it is determined and utilized in the United States. The Monograph entitled “A Short Guide to the Specialty Certification of Physicians” was authored by Todd Sagin, M.D., J.D., a physician executive recognized across the nation for his work with hospital boards, medical staffs, and physician organizations. He is also the national medical director of Sagin Healthcare Consulting, LLC and HG Healthcare Consultants, LLC, which provide guidance on a wide range of health care issues. Download your free copy of the monograph by clicking here.

Scholarships and Presentations

Annual Meeting Scholarships for new Diplomates

Beginning with the 2012 Annual Meeting, the AAPS Foundation developed a scholarship to provide financial assistance for new Diplomates to attend the AAPS House of Delegates & Annual Scientific Meeting. The scholarship was continued for the 2013 Annual Meeting with expanded eligibility to assist more new Diplomates.