Scholarship Testimonials


     “I enjoyed my travel to Tampa and attending the meeting.  I met some very enthusiastic people who are committed to change the trends in Medicine.  I was fascinated by some of the colleagues who worked very hard to promote our organization.  Now, I believe more than ever in the ABPS mission and commitment to ensure high quality of care by those who are certified through the organization.  I was impressed by Bill Carbone and his staff and their dedication to the organization.  The most impressive thing about the organization is the direct involvement of the physicians through the certifying boards and House of Delegates.  Physicians have a voice and could determine the direction of the organization.”

Saeed Tarokh, MD, MS
Albany, NY


Caleb Awoniyi     “Once again, I thank the AAPS Foundation for the scholarship and the unique opportunity to attend the Annual meeting of AAPS. I will definitely refer other physician, most especially the new Diplomates, to take the advantage of the scholarship offered by AAPS foundation to attend the annual meeting. The reason why I feel this is important stems from the fact I finally fully understand the structure and functions of AAPS and the ABPS during the meeting. In addition, I was able to participate in the examination developing process for board certification, a unique educational experience. By the end of the meeting, I sensed a unique pride to be a member of AAPS and proud to be a Diplomate of ABPS.”

Caleb Awoniyi, MD, PhD.
Gainesville, FL